Auto-Contouring with Deep Learning

HuraRT (DV.Target)

HuraRT (DV.Target) is a full-fledged software for auto-contouring organs-at-risk (OARs) on CT images. Empowered by innovative deep learning algorithms, our system can automatically segment all major OARs, significantly enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of radiation therapy planning.


Support automatic delineation of about 50 major OARs in four body parts head-and-neck, thorax, abdomen, and pelvic, including OARs of virtual clinical value as well as hard and small OARs such as optic chiasm.


Interact with medical data acquisition flow and TPS system with ease. File Organization system and built-in delineation editor provide clean and powerful user experience.


Go beyond the traditional altas-based OARs contouring solution, which delivers rapid and accurate OARs segmentation predictions by the benefit of state-of-art AI technology and big data collected from global medical institutions.

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